Why NOT to buy a Joy Systems Refurbished computer.

Upon finally reloading windows, I discovered that they included a 32 bit version of Windows Home Premium. A quick diagnostic run of Belrac Advisor it was this Joy Systems refurb was clearly a 64-bit ready pc. Now, mom will only get 3.25% of the 4 gigabytes of ram on board!

When she attempted to call Joy Systems technical support (waiting over an hour on hold) she was refused to be given a new key for the pre-loaded Windows 7 Pro and simply informed “it’ll only take you 45 minutes to reload the Windows 7 Home disk! Yea and they seemed to have NO clue that Dell systems often require some specialized chipset drivers to fully settle the hardware issues in the Device Manager. I finally found all the 32-bit drives at Dell’s support website as I wanted to make sure we had a good network (integrated) NIC driver and not find ourselves unable to get back online.

Here are three simply reasons WHY you should NOT purchase a Joy Systems refurbished computer.

  1. Very long hold times and almost impossible support contacts.
  2. No online ticketing system to submit a support request.
  3. Inconsistend Quality Controls

My mothers has vowed to NEVER purchase a refurbished computer from Walmart again and I really cannot blame her.

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Mom’s NOT so great Walmart Reburbished Dell (Joy Systems)

As most IT pros can atest, they have family that seek guidance on computing needs and often seek help and advice on what to do next! Well, I’ve had great experiences purchasing refurbished computers from online sellers. As I look back on this I have now noticed they were usually FACTORY/manufacturer Authorized Refurbished Resellers!

Before I noted that very important distinction, I referred my “Mom”, now retired on SS and Stamps and in low income  state housing, to a “great deal” on Walmart’s website . It looked great and all and hey, “I never had any serious issues with online refurbished computer and it’s Walmart”, right?!


The first one came in and was DOA… Well, it has a one year warranty and a phone number, but being placed on hold for an hour and then sent to a filled voice mailbox is NOT the way to start off a new customers experience by no means! So off to Walmart the box goes and (in good faith) she orders another exact item. This time it works, but she eventually finds out that the included Windows Home  license key on the tower does NOT match what’s loaded on the hard drive (Windows Professional). So, now past the 2 weeks return privilege and Walmart warranty that refuses to act until the one year “deal warranty” is up, she’s again (in good faith) back on the phone!

Read here please below to an email address that is eventually determined to bounce:

(Son) their e addy did not work, I called them and they picked uo right away..their tec is going to call me in a few mins…  Love Mom

Hello Joysystems…

I recently purchased  one of your Dell refurbished 755 Desktop PC with Intel Core Duo Process. 0000order# 0082563321421    Through walmart, cost $299.00 also purchased extended warranty. The computer came with Windows 7 Professional already loaded on the hard drive.  The on the top of PC does not work to validate it. I do  need an activation key for this pc.  Windows keep asking me for validation,  The disc that came in the box  with the PC is for Windows 7 HOME  
Please give this attention as soon as possible..windows keeps sending me a notice of needing to validate!!! I only have a few days left they tell me.   I have tried calling your office, but am kept on hold and waiting for over 45 mins.   So I thought perhaps this would be better and you could e-mail me the key I need. ..or some sort of help.  I sure do hope you can help me with this matter.
Sincerly..and Thank You Very Much!

Miss Sharon Goulet  apt xx
(Street Address)
Rochester, NH (Zip)
My Home number is  xxx-xxx-xxxx
Trac Phone cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx


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Refurbished Dell Hell (Walmart/Joy Systems)

Joy System Dell Hell

Just to begin, I’ve always had “good luck” with my refurbished computer purchases, that was until Joy Systems, Inc.!

Evidently, this New Jersey based company claims great customer service and good quality, but in spite of multiple online testimonies of the opposite, have somehow continued to hoodwink the bigbox retailers into pedaling their wares. Company such as Walmart, Best Buy, Tiger Direct, Buy.com (Rakuten.com) and other appear to have no idea how their referred customers are being abused when attempting to contact Joy System’s support during the first year of so-called warranty!

A quick background, in my 15+ years of IT customer support (Microsoft & Comptia certified), I’ve never seen such lack of support from a company that seems to simply disregard their customers and employees, as will be evidenced by the many posts to follow!

It’s my hope that this site (others to come) and multiple social media campaigns will catch the attention of upper management from the previously mention companies, including Joy Systems.

Company Profile: http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=30748694

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